GPD XD - Android Portable Gaming System

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GPD XD GamePad- The Ultimate Portable for Serious Gamers

Combination of simulator, Android and PC games

GPD XD portable combines cutting-edge components and technologies to provide incredible mobile performance and precision gameplay for serious gamers. From next-generation Android games to retro emulator games, GPD XD gamepad is gaming The Way It’s Meant to be Played.

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    This is a site I started to organize all GPD tutorials and downloadables. Often people buy a GPD XD and say : What now?  Hopefully this site will supply you with all the information and extra bells and whistles needed for making your GPD XD the best gaming device you own. It's all about the customizations!

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If you need any help go to the tutorial section for the GPD XD.
If you are new and need a place to get started, please read GPD XD - Noob Guide.


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