GPD XD - Installing Custom Recovery - No PC


    Finally a method to install a custom recovery without needing a PC/Linux/Mac computer. You can flash it from within your device!

    A custom recovery environment will do the same things as the stock Android recovery. However, it will also have additional features. Custom recoveries often have the ability to create and restore device backups. Flashing this recovery environment onto your device replaces the default, stock recovery environment with a third-party, customized recovery environment. This is a bit like flashing a custom ROM like LegacyRom — but, instead of replacing your device’s Android operating system, it replaces the recovery environment.

    A custom recovery can create and restore NANDroid backups - backups of an Android device’s entire file system. Custom recoveries offer a file browser that allows you to easily browse, manage, and restore backups. It also has other advanced features that will be useful if you’re installing and dealing with custom ROMs.

    This tutorial will help you install CWM Recovery or TWRP( Recommended ) on your GPD XD device and will allow you to have that extra security. Always back up!

( This will also teach you how to install your android stock recovery if you have it - I provide the stock recovery for GPD XD here )


Before you get started:

  • GPD XD users:
    • ​Make sure your GPD XD is rooted. ( Legacy Rom users are rooted. For Stock rom you can use our root tutorial HERE )
  • Download Flashify and install it, and download the recovery of your choice in the download section.
  • Make sure your GPD XD is fully charged ( The flash process is fast, but better safe than sorry )


Easy / Pro Tutorial:

  1. Using your GPD XD get your recovery from the Downloads section and unzip it.
  2. Download and Install Flashify. ( Download )
  3. Start Flashify and under Flash select Recovery image > Choose a file,  and select your .img file.
  4. Use File Way Method and reboot.



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** The Custom Recoveries I provided are for the GPD XD device. **


Android Application


** Notice - CWM will only read MicroSD cards formatted in FAT32. So if you want to backup to external_sd you must use a card formatted in FAT32 and it must be a 32GB or smaller card.

** Warning - TWRP will not work if you have Legacy Rom ext3 version- no damage will be done, it just wont work. To get the new version of Legacy Rom or find out what version you have please read this guide:​ GPD XD - Legacy Rom - ext4 format​If you do not know what version you have and still want to install a custom recovery use: ClockWorkMod Recovery.

( Quick version check = In GPD XD settings > About tablet > Build number , if you see LegacyRom-XD Kitkat (ext4) you have the ext4 version. )



  • If you want to install TWRP and you have Legacy Rom installed, you must have the ext4 version. If you are unsure of what version you have please read: GPD XD - Legacy Rom - ext4 format​. If you do not want to check what version you have then just use: 
    CWM Recovery ( ClockWorkMod )
  • Custom recovery takes the place of the Android Stock Recovery. It does everything that stock can do and more. You access it the same way ( for most devices ) . When your device is powered down hold Vol+ and Power.


Mini Tutorial - How to install TWRP theme :

    TWRP was built as a generic version to work for any rockchip rk3288 tablet. As a result the resolution is a bit off ( 800x1280 ). No worries! If you flash a theme in 720x1280 it will fix it. Here are 3 different themes to choose from. Enjoy!

  • Download one of the themes from below.
  • Start Recovery Mode on GPD XD. From powered down, press and hold Vol+ and Power.
  • Select - Install.
  • Using the TWRP navigation window find and select the theme you downloaded.
  • No change in the default settings are necessary, just slide the button under Swipe to Install.
  • Tap on REBOOT SYSTEM and you should now have a new themed TWRP!


Theme Downloads:

Theme Thumbs


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