GPD XD - TWRP Manager - Comprehensive Guide


    This is a much needed companion app to TWRP Recovery. This app allows you to take advantage of TWRP Recovery's basic features right from inside the android home. You no longer have to fuss with trying to time the button mashing down to enter your Custom Recovery. You can flash a new boot animation, backup your GPD-XD, restore your GPD-XD to a working backup, or flashing tweaks to your system, all from the comforts of your android home. In this tutorial I will walk you through each option. 

Youtube Video Index:

  • [ 0:20 ] - Install and Setup
  • [ 1:52 ] - Flashing a Zip
  • [ 3:15 ] - Making a Backup
  • [ 4:19 ] - Backup to PC - Where is my backup?
  • [ 5:18 ] - Restore
  • [ 6:19 ] - Reboot Function


Install and Setup:

Shown on video at 0:20

  • Download and Install
  • Setup TWRP Manager
    • [Shown on video- time:1:02 ] - Open Twrp Manager.
    • [Shown on video- time:1:09 ] - Tap on SET PERMISSIONS
    • [Shown on video- time:1:12 ] - Tap on Grant
    • [Shown on video- time:1:17 ] - Tap on Settings
    • [Shown on video- time:1:20 ] - Under STORAGE INFO tap on External SD Location
    • [Shown on video- time:1:25 ] - Using the navigation window set the path to: 
      • set:      /storage/sdcard01
      • or  :     /root/mnt/external_sd
    • [Shown on video- time:1:35 ] - Tap on OK


Flashing a Zip:

Shown on video at 1:52

    For the video I show you how to flash a new TWRP Recovery theme. If you have not installed one yet, I suggest you do it now to fix the resolution on TWRP. Just go to the Downloads section and use one of the theme zips available.

  • [Shown on video- time:1:58 ] - Start TWRP Manager
  • [Shown on video- time:2:01 ] - Tap on the ( + )
  • [Shown on video- time:2:04 ] - Tap on Install
  • [Shown on video- time:2:07 ] - If you get a message about setting your sd path, we did it in the setup : Tap  DON'T SHOW AGAIN
  • [Shown on video- time:2:11 ] - Tap on ADD ZIP
  • [Shown on video- time:2:13 ] - Use the navigation window to find the zip you want to use
  • [Shown on video- time:2:41 ] - Select your zip ( You can choose multiple )
  • [Shown on video- time:2:43 ] - Tap on OK
  • [Shown on video- time:2:45 ] - Tap on FLASH NOW
  • [Shown on video- time:2:49 ] - Tap on OK - to reboot. You have just flashed a zip.

    TWRP Manager will basically write a script for TWRP Recovery to execute and will reboot your system to start the process. All you have to do is sit back and wait for it to finish.


Making a Backup:

Shown on video at 3:15

  • [Shown on video- time:3:20 ] - Start TWRP Manager
  • [Shown on video- time:3:28 ] - Tap on the ( + )
  • [Shown on video- time:3:31 ] - Tap on the Backup
  • [Shown on video- time:3:34 ] - May give you a warning about not being able to pick up OTG just tap DON'T SHOW AGAIN
  • [Shown on video- time:3:37 ] - Make sure all boxes are selected to do a full backup
  • [Shown on video- time:3:44 ] - Click in the text field to change the Backup name. Use something you will remember later. You may collect a bunch of backups and it will help you tell one from another.
  • [Shown on video- time:4:00 ] - Tap on BACKUP NOW
  • [Shown on video- time:4:02 ] - Tap on OK - to reboot.

TWRP Manager will reboot and start to backup your GPD XD. Give it a few minutes and it will reboot on its own. Your backup will be in :external_sd/TWRP/BACKUPS/( long string of letters and numbers )/your_backup_here. I will end up showing you in the next part of the video.


Backup to PC - Where is my backup? :

Shown on video at 4:19

  • Connect your PC to your GPD XD using a USB cord.
  • [Shown on video- time:4:27 ] - Naviagte into your device and choose the second SD Card ( MicroSD card )
  • [Shown on video- time:4:30 ] - Open TWRP folder
  • [Shown on video- time:4:34 ] - Open BACKUPS folder
  • [Shown on video- time:4:36 ] - Open b349b13b44bec4d4 folder ( not sure it is named the same - TWRP generates name )
  • [Shown on video- time:4:39 ] - Here you will find your folder. Grab it and transfer it to your PC. Use any compression application to zip it.

   It is always a good idea to have that added security of storing your backups on your PC, just in case.



Shown on video at 5:18

  • [Shown on video- time:5:28 ] - Start TWRP Manager
  • [Shown on video- time:5:33 ] - Tap on the ( + )
  • [Shown on video- time:5:37 ] - Tap on Restore
  • [Shown on video- time:5:40 ] - Navigate to your backup and go into it, then tap OK. ( 1 deep into backup folder ) If your backup is still in the defaul location then it should be in: storage/sdcard1/TWRP/BACKUPS/b349b13b44bec4d4
  • [Shown on video- time:6:00 ] - Tap on the RESTORE
  • [Shown on video- time:6:03 ] - Make sure all boxes are selected to do a full restore.
  • [Shown on video- time:6:05 ] - Tap on the RESTORE
  • [Shown on video- time:6:07 ] - Tap on OK - to reboot.

    Let TWRP Manager do its magic. Your GPD XD will reboot and your GPD XD will be restored to its former glory.


Reboot Function:

Shown on video at 6:19

    Unfortunately there is little development for the GPD XD and it seems that it will stay on Android 4.4.4. The power menu does not include reboot options. TWRP Manager includes a few reboot options to help you out. There are options for a regular reboot and also reboot into recovery. Just a small helpful tool as a bonus for using TWRP Manager.

  • [Shown on video- time:6:23 ] - Start TWRP Manager
  • [Shown on video- time:6:28 ] - Tap on the ( + )
  • [Shown on video- time:6:05 ] - Tap on the Reboot
  • [Shown on video- time:6:05 ] - Select the reboot type you would like. Then tap Yes to confirm.



Theme Downloads:


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