GPD XD - Ultimate NOOB Guide!


The most common question asked is always: I just got my GPD XD, what do I do now?

    This is a collection of guides that will help the new user optimize the GPD XD to get the best emulation, setup for easy backup and restore maintenance, safely overclock the cpu, and prepare the device for easy tweaks and mods. Every tutorial was written and recorded to show each and every step to make the process as smooth as it can be.

    So no more fears about flashing, tweaking, or modding. Lets get started!

    These guides use the following software:

  • Legacy Rom 1.8GHz
  • Flashify
  • TWRP Recovery
  • TWRP Manager
  • Kernel Aduitor


    Once you are done you will have a fully optimized, bloatless firmware that is overclocked safely all thanks to skelton and his Legacy Rom 1.8GHz. You will be able to backup, restore, or flash a zip all from within your android home screen. This will set your foundation up for the best emulating android device.


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Before you get started:

Make sure your MicroSD card is formatted in FAT32 (exFat should be ok too). I will add a small guide for this when I get a chance. Both TWRP and CWM only like FAT32 formatted cards. I do not know if there are any restrictions on size for TWRP. I have tried a 128 GB card formatted in FAT32 and it works fine. CWM does have a size restriction and you must use a 32GB card or smaller card. This is why I always recommend TWRP.

Here is a short video tutorial to show you how to format your card to FAT32 using your GPD XD: Youtube - Format your MicroSD card using your Android Device! (FAT32)


1.)  Install Legacy Rom 1.8GHz

    If you need more info on Legacy Rom you can read this guide here, but the basic idea is that it is a clean, optimized, custom firmware that runs at a faster speed than stock rom. It will help you with emulators like Reicast, PPSSPP, and psx emus.

   If you do not have access to a PC there is another method to install Legacy Rom 1.8GHz. It is only suggested if you have no other choice and no access to a PC, only because it installs over your current rom and is considered a "dirty" install. Your data will stay intact if you do not do a factory reset. I do suggest you do a factory reset right after updating so that everything gets reset and there are no conflicts with installing one rom on another. ( But you will lose your user data )

2.)  Install TWRP Recovery

    A custom recovery can create and restore NANDroid backups - backups of an Android device’s entire file system. Custom recoveries offer a file browser that allows you to easily browse, manage, and restore backups. It also has other advanced features that will be useful if you’re installing and dealing with custom ROMs.

    What does this mean? If you ever brick your device ( it doesn't boot up ), have problems with a virus, or your GPD XD is just slow, emulators start acting up, you can always restore your device to a prior state using a backup..

Just use the install step. You will follow the rest of the guide on other steps.

( If you installed Legacy Rom using method 2 - I suggest you factory reset at this point )

3.)  Install TWRP Manager

    Flashing, making backups, restoring and flashing roms with TWRP Recovery require you to boot into recovery mode. That may not be a big problem for some, but having the ability to do it from your home screen is just sweet. Why not pamper yourself? TWRP Manager works as a 

4.)  Install Kernel Aduitor

    Kernel Aduitor is a cpu control app that will help you manage your speeds easily by placing toggles on your home screen. Running your GPD XD at 1.8GHz is low risk but battery drainage can not be helped. Toggling your speeds when you need it will improve your battery life. Kernel Aduitor will also toggle your speeds down when it boots in case you leave it at a high freq. This will help you install and configure Kernel Aduitor to create a widget to toggle your cpu speeds right from your android homescreen.

5.)  Make a Backup

    You will now make a fresh backup with your foundation setup. If you ever need something to fall back on you will at least have this backup.

6.)  Get in the habit of making backups

    From here on out you can start loading your emulators, game roms, launchers, tweaks, and mods. Everytime you feel comfortable with your system back it up and maybe even put a copy on your PC for that added security. There should be no excuse for not making a backup from here on out because of how easy TWRP Managers makes it. My main goal for this site was just to gather all references and resources in one place to make it easiest on the new or novice user. This guide is pretty much the result of all my research and experimentation of my own GPD XD.

    These tutorials are broken down to the very basic steps. I hope they help you and they enable you to have a better experience with your GPD XD and encourage you to pay it forward and help out the next in line.



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  • Use these instructions and downloads at your own risk. We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info on this site.
  • Read and understand the related guides first before actually performing ANY instructions.