GPD XD - Ultimate NOOB Guide!

The most common question asked is always: I just got my GPD XD, what do I do now?

    This is a collection of guides that will help the new user optimize the GPD XD to get the best emulation, setup for easy backup and restore maintenance, safely overclock the cpu, and prepare the device for easy tweaks and mods. Every tutorial was written and recorded to show each and every step to make the process as smooth as it can be.

    So no more fears about flashing, tweaking, or modding. Lets get started!


GPD XD - Legacy Rom - ext4 format

    Legacy Rom is a custom rom made for the GPD XD gaming device. When it was first released, the rom system partition was formatted in ext3 format. Now to most of us that is not a problem and from our experience we couldn't care less because changing the format does nothing as far as performance or user interaction. The main reason I reformatted it was to take advantage of the TWRP Recovery. So if you do not want to mess with it, do not worry you can still install CWM. If you do not wish to reformat or upgrade, I ask you to please read on to see how easy it is to update. To know why TWRP is better than CWM you can read about it HERE.

As of September 23rd of 2017 all distrubutions of Legacy Rom from this website will be in ext4 format. 

Please read this tutorial to inform you on how easy it is to change versions.

GPD XD - Kernel Adiutor - Elite Turbo Button

[ Video Included ]

This is a continuation of Tutorial : GPD XD - Novice Guide to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz

    Having an app to change your CPU speed can be intimidating if you do not know much about it. This tutorial will show you how to add shortcuts to your home screen to make toggling speeds easy. The Elite Turbo Button is also very theme-able and is just a nice way to make it flashy.

I want to make more tutorials in the future using these apps. They are very powerful apps that can add a bunch of features to your android device. They are intimidating and it may take a while for me to figure it out, but once I do I will try and break the process down to make it easier for you. 

** You do not have to come from this tutorial: Novice Guide to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz  . But if you want to take advantage of this tutorial you must have the following :

  • Android device - with ROOT
  • Kernel Adiutor must be installed
  • Profiles properly setup for Kernel Adiutor

GPD XD - Wireless File Transfer

[ Video Included ]

** This tutorial works for transfers to any Android device from any PC/Mac/LinuxBox. I am just categorizing it as GPD XD for my site **

    Sometimes you can't find a MicroUSB cable, and sometimes you don't feel like finding it. Sending files from your PC/Mac/LinuxBox to your GPD XD can be easy using ES File Explorer and FileZilla-Client. ES File Explorer ( Android ) and FilleZilla client ( PC/Mac/Linux ) are 2 very powerful and useful apps. They have many capabilities and functions available and may be intimidating. With this tutorial I will teach the average noob to know enough to be able to drag and drop files in and out of your GPD XD wireless and effortlessly. Just a tap and a few clicks away from moving apps and games in and out of your GPD XD.

GPD XD - Insufficient Storage : Free Up Memory with Folder Mount

[ Video Included ]

Don't be limited by your GPD XD system storage capacity. 

    Folder Mount is an app that will help you move system files from your GPD XD to your MicroSD card that normally can not be moved. This tutorial should especially be useful for GPD XD 16GB owners because of that limitation of only 16GB. Combined with the high capacity MicroSD cards available now, your GPD XD should have enough storage for any game that your little gamer's heart desires. It has been confirmed that the 200GB MicroSD cards work with the GPD XD.

This is an easy and fast tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to free up your system storage.

** You must be ROOTed **


Personally I do not like stock roms for any device because of all the bloatware, and the GPD XD Stock Rom is not the exception. It does seem that one reason people hesitate to move to Legacy Rom is because it is debloated and lacks all the noob friendly apps. So this guide will show you how to fatten your Legacy Rom with all the apps and launchers available on the Stock Rom. Your GPD XD will be all fat and bloated like Thanksgiving Day.